Back at It!

I’m back…but I guess I never really left. The past 3 weeks have been beyond hectic. I always tell people to take care of themselves first and then others, but I don’t always practice what I preach!

Work has been crazy, my husband’s schedule has forced me to change my daily routine, and I have just been drowning. I managed to keep up with my workouts, with significantly less enthusiasm, but haven’t been very good with my food and gained 2 pounds.

But this is life, right? Things happen. Life gets crazy. Just because I had a tough 3 weeks doesn’t mean I’m going to throw in the towel and call it a loss!! Instead I’m looking back at the past 3 weeks and learning some good lessons.

1. Switching up my workout is good. – I love ChaLEAN Extreme but it is really time to move on. I’ve been doing a CLX/Insanity hybrid and have found myself looking forward to the Insanity workouts more than CLX. So as of today I’m switching it up to a P90X/Insanity hybrid and couldn’t be more excited for a change!

2. Dairy really is bad for me. – Since I’m lactose intolerant I avoid dairy as much as possible but can usually tolerate one night a week with a little cheese (Fridays we order in Mexican). However, one day a week truly is my limit. I tried to add a little more cheese this week and have felt absolutely awful.

3. I’m not ready to stop tracking food. – I really believed I was ready!!! I eat the SAME things every week day…true…but I don’t eat the same things every week night! My portions got bigger quickly and I ignored the problem. And seriously, what is my problem anyway??? Tracking only takes a couple of minutes a day!

4. Soda is bad. – I know this is a fact. My endocrinologist told me aspartame is the worst thing, next to soy, I can ingest with my thyroid issues. But this week when I was stressed I found myself sneaking a few diet sodas. I felt bloated and drinking soda definitely makes me eat more throughout the day. BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!

5. Falling off the wagon is OK…as long as you jump back on! – Having little slip ups is expected. But in the past I’ve slipped up and then just threw in the towel on the whole diet, workout, project, etc. This time I’m assessing the situation, evaluating what went wrong, making positive changes, and starting all over again.


Back on Track!!!

Finally I seem to be back on track!!! I’m really loving Insanity and that is helping me to stay motivated and to make better food choices. I’m still having trouble with evening snacking but I’m doing much better than I was a week ago. So what did the scale do this week?? I lost 1.5 pounds and I’m now over half way to my weight loss goals. WOO HOO!!!!

I Must Be Crazy!!!!

I need to switch up my workouts. I love the strength training workouts in ChaLEAN Extreme, they are the best workouts I’ve ever done, but I’m getting tired of the cardio and feel like I need to really step it up for these last 60 days. My first 30 days I did really well with my diet and I really pushed it during workouts. This second 30 day period I still pushed hard on my workouts, but as the month continued I found myself being a bit lax with my food choices. I think that adding additional cardio will really help plus a different workout will get me excited again.
After much consideration I’ve decided on a hybrid for these last 2 CLX Circuits. ChaLEAN Extreme and….



The Honeymoon is Over

I seem to be stuck in a little bit of a diet rut. I’m doing great with my workouts but am slacking with the food. Unfortunately, the scale is showing the results of this. I haven’t gained any weight, but I’m not losing very quickly. Previously my weekly losses were around 1-2 pounds and this week I lost .2. Huge difference!

I’m not making excuses, but I’m very busy! I work full time, teach part time, am studying for the ACE Personal Trainer Exam, and have a family who I like to spend time with. I was doing a great job of jugging all of these parts of my life, but things have been extremely hectic at my full time job over the past couple weeks and it seems to have thrown everything else off course.

So…as of today I’m back on track. I’ve been considering no longer tracking my food, but I think that was my way of not having to face my evening snacking. So I’m back to tracking, back to holding myself accountable, and back to working on my goals.

Push Circuit – Complete!!!

I am thrilled to be finished with the Push Circuit of CLX! I started Lean today and YIKES, it was tough!!! It should be a great month and I expect huge results.

Below are my results so far and a current pic vs my starting pic. I still can’t believe the huge results I’ve seen in just 60 days!

Chest – 1.687

Waist: -1.625

Hips:  -1.75

Right Thigh:  -.125

Left Thigh:  -2.125

Right Upper Arm:  -.5

Left Upper Arm:  -.875

Weight:  -8 pounds



Weight, weight, go away…

I try to only weigh in on Thursdays. Sticking with one day a week keeps me consistent but more importantly it keeps me from obsessing over my weight all week. Every single week since I’ve started SparkPeople I’ve had a loss on Thursday to celebrate. The losses have been even bigger since I started ChaLEAN Extreme!

But today, I gained .2 pounds. I immediately got defensive and wanted to blame something. I bet my thyroid medication needs to be adjusted, I hit a plateau, this isn’t fair. I really did work out hard this week so something must be wrong.

Then I looked at the awesome SparkPeople nutritional reports. Oops, I went over on calories 3 of the 4 days in this past week!!! For this first time in several months I ate quite a bit of junk – pizza, chips, and candy. Why? Well, I tried to adjust my food a bit and it backfired. I need chocolate every day (yes, it is a NEED) and I usually have a chocolate Shakeology at work, mid-afternoon. Over the past week I tried to change it to having the drink at home in the evenings. Looking back, all my “cheats” were mid-afternoon. In fact the bad food was all within 3 hours of when I had previously been having my drink!

I guess that explains the weight gain! Thanks SparkPeople for keeping me accountable!!


ChaLEAN Extreme Facebook Group

For those of you who love ChaLEAN Extreme, my friend Paige and I started a new Facebook group for CLX lovers. Check it out!